Archives for January 2014

Jaguar to launch Hybrid models

Jaguar will launch its own Hybrid vehicles according to its parent company Jaguar Land Rover. The company is developing battery assisted hybrid versions for both brands but it is putting Land Rovers first because of the fuel thirsty image that heavy 4×4’s have. Hybrid Jaguars are set to include the XF and XJ, but are […]

Audi reveal their Shooting Brake-Allroad Hybrid

Audi has pooled the genes of its rugged allroad models and its forthcoming e-tron hybrids to create a striking and fittingly futuristic new crossover concept bound for this month‘s  2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Incorporating a host of design elements that define the brand’s future design values, the Audi allroad shooting brake […]

Renault ZOE is NCAP Safest in Class

The independent body, Euro NCAP has listed the Renault ZOE as the best supermini (electric and internal combustion-engined cars combined) of those it evaluated last year in terms of safety performance. This accolade, which comes on top of the maximum five-star rating achieved by the model in March 2013, stands out as further reassurance for Renault and […]

Citroen-Peugeot reaches 50,000 Hybrid sales in Europe

French automobile maker PSA, responsible for the Peugeot and Citroen brands, has just sold the 50,000th example of it’s Hybrid drivetrain in Europe. PSA launched its diesel-hybrid system at the beginning of 2012. It’s used in four different models, Citroen’s DS5 Hybrid4, Peugeot’s 3008 and 508 Hybrid4 and the Peugeot RXH, a diesel-hybrid crossover. With 167 horsepower to […]

The cost of a Hybrid

The costs involved in owning a hybrid vehicle are different than those associated with a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle. For a start, the upfront capital cost of a hybrid tends to be higher than for a non-hybrid petrol or diesel car, whereas running costs, such as fuel, maintenance, car tax etc. tend to be lower. The purchase price […]