BMW Active Hybrid Technology


BMW_active_hybrid3BMW has an Active Hybrid  X6 and the 7 series. These models are suitable for every day use and deliver outstanding performance in every situation, with the ability to be powered by electric motor alone.

For example, the electric motor supports the BMW Twin power turbo v8 petrol engine in the 7 series, providing additional force when accelerating. When braking, the electric motor gains current from the released kinetic energy, like a generator. This is just the latest step in BMWs commitment to their Efficient Dynamics technology, which is expected to be rolled out across their series in the near future.

BMW has just expanded their line-up of hybrids with the launch of the all-new 5 series Active Hybrid. Essentially a BMW 535i  which is tailored to run with the assistance of an electric motor, the Active Hybrid 5 combines BMW’s 3.0-litre turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine, an electric drive system and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Unofficial reports suggest that the vehicle has a combined output of 335 hp and 447 Nm of torque, allowing it to do the 0-100 kph run in 5.7 seconds.

The ActiveHybrid 5 can be driven using the electric motor alone for up to 4 km at a maximum speed of 60 kph. The powerful electric motor is housed within the transmission to save space, while the high-performance 96-cell lithium-ion battery pack with dedicated cooling system is positioned between the wheel arches in the 3 series

Several other features unique to the ActiveHybrid 5 include an Eco Pro mode integrated into the standard Driving Dynamics Control for maximum efficiency, a hybrid start-stop function which allows the car to accelerate from standstill using only the electric motor or both electric motor and the combustion engine depending on the battery charge levels, a coasting mode operable up to 160 kph whereby the combustion engine is completely shut-off and decoupled from the drive shaft ensuring zero-emission and maximum efficiency, satellite navigation-linked powertrain components, and a revised iDrive interface displaying a variety of information pertaining to energy management and efficiency. The first models are expected to roll off the production line by the middle of 2012, Irish release date is not confirmed.



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