BMW i3

BMW i series

BMW have launched the i range of sustainable vehicles electrically powered and purpose built to produce emission free mobility. Using their e-Drive technology, this consists of an extremely agile electric motor developed and built by BMW.

The electric motor is over the rear axle and generates an output of 125kw/170hp and an impressive torque of 250Nm(184 lb-ft) from a standstill. The i3 accelerates from 0-60mph in less than 8sec. The single speed gearbox provides optimal power transmission to the rear wheels and accelerates the BMW i3 concept to an electronically governed 150km/h (93mph) without loss of power.

The electric drive also allows for deceleration by means of the accelerator pedal. When the driver eases off on the accelerator pedal, the electric motor acts as a generator and converts kinetic energy into electricity, which is used to charge the batteries.The Battery can be fully recharged in six hours at a standard power socket. If a fast charger is used an 80 percent charge can be achieved in just one hour.

The BMW i3 also comes with an optional range extender. The REx, range extender allows a more flexible and longer driving range possible. The REx is a small and quiet petrol engine, which drives a generator to charge the battery and ensures that the vehicle can continue to run on electric power.

BMW i3This four seater model uses select renewable raw materials and offers a feeling of generous space. Wide-opening opposing “coach” doors, a booth capacity of around 200litres and an additional functional compartment in the front make this a practical concept equipped for the demands of everyday use.

The i3 enables the owner to connect remotely at the touch of a button via a smart phone to allow and monitor battery charging, locate car charge stations and give information on the status of the vehicle. First production is estimated to roll off production line in 2013

On sale in January 2014


Priced from €33,500 (including Grant and VRT relief)