BMW i8 Released in Ireland

The BMW i8 arrived in Ireland in 2014 with much anticipation and excitement within the motor industry. This is BMW’s premium model Range Extender electric car which forms part of it’s “i” range along with the i3.   BMW i8

Fitted with a 5.0 kWh lithium ion battery, a 96kWh electric motor, six speed auto transmission and a 1.5 litre turbo petrol, this car is rated as achieving 135mpg on a combined cycle (EU figures) and emitting just 49g/km CO2. However the mpg rating is based on factory tests and conditions

Limited to a top speed of 155mph, this sports car offers, as expected blistering performance, with a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds and total power output of 36bmw i82 hp.

The 320Nm, 231 hp petrol engine drives the rear wheels while the 250Nm, 131 hp electric motor drives the front.

On electric drive alone, the car can travel at speeds up to 75mph for a range of up to 23 miles. Once the petrol engine kicks in range is extended to a total of 375 miles.

Recharging the battery takes around two hours using a BMW i Wallbox or three hours using a domestic socket. The model’s engine is produced from BMW’s Hams Hall engine facility in Birmingham.

A brand-new production facility has been developed at the Hams Hall plant for the world-wide production of the new three-cylinder BMW Twin Power Turbo technology petrol engines – the first of a new generation of engines to be built at the plant.

The i8 is priced at €142,630 which includes an SEAI grant of €5,000, annual road tax is €170. The BMW i8 is now available from Joe Duffy Motors