EV’s Available in Ireland – Introduction

EVs in Ireland – Introduction

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Electric Vehicles and Hybrids in particular, have been around for a number of years now. With fuel price increases and recent technical innovations in both battery and electric motor design, this has resulted in an increase in consumer awareness for this alternative to Fuel driven Vehicles. Until recently, a non-existent charging network and a limited choice of Electric Vehicles (EVs) available resulted in the public perception of an EV as a non starter when considering it as an option for transport, but this is rapidly changing.

Whether its Hybrid, Battery or Hydrogen electric, the motor industry have invested billions in these advancing technologies to produce a range of low emission vehicles from two-seater sports cars to commercial trucks. Every major car manufacturer has launched or are expected to launch a number of EV and hybrid models on the market in the coming years. The commitment by the motor industry in this technology is a clear indication that EV and Hybrid technology are considered the way forward as a serious alternative in motoring.Honda crz hybrid

With oil price stability nervously unpredictable, there has never been a better time for an alternative to fossil fuel transportation. So brace yourself because the next couple of years will see an influx of smart, advanced and energy efficient vehicles introduced to the forecourts, as every major car manufacturer strives for market share with a range of technologically advanced vehicles.

Here is a range of Hybrid and Electric Makes and Models available on the Irish market at present. This range will be updated as new models are released.

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