Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid

Fuso Canter ECO HybridThe Fuso Canter Hybrid is the latest in Eco technology trucks from Fuso and Daimler. The Canter Hybrid features a combination of an efficient 3-litre 150 hp diesel engine and a 40kw/200Nm electric motor capable of achieveing fuel savings of up to 23% with a reduction in CO2 emissions.


The Canter Hybrid also features the world’s first dual-clutch automated transmission for trucks known as DUONIC. This system enables the effecient and smooth shifting with no interruption in traction power.

Canter Hybrid Transmission

This system combines the convenience of an automatic with the dynamics and efficiency of a manual transmission. As each ratio is selected, the drive torque is transmitted alternativley by each of the two clutches, one engaging and the other disengaging. Because there is no interruption in the traction power, it results in extremly smooth gear changes and has a significant effect on its efficiency.



The Canter Hybrid is still a genuine Canter truck, capabale of a chassis load of up to 5t with the typical range of bodies available. The Powerful Hybrid drive is powered from a 2KWH Lithium-ion battery and features energy recovery with a start/stop facility.

During braking, energy is recovered and stored in the battery for use by the electric motor and used to assist the engine when starting off or accelerating.

The start/stop function cuts the engine when the vehicle is stationary and seemlessly starts the engine again when the vehicle begins to move.

Canter Eco Hybrid

The Fuso Canter Hybrid comes with a 10 year battery warranty.


 Canter Eco Hybrid Specifications

GVW (kg)                              7,500

GCW (kg)                              11,000

Engine                                   3litre Direct Diesel injection 150 hp/110 kw

Electric Motor                      40kw/200Nm

Hybrid Battery                     Lithium-ion 270V/2kwh

Transmission                       DUONIC Dual Clutch transmission- automated manual transmisson

Wheelbase(mm)                   3,400/3,850

Chassis load capacity (kg)   4,850/4,820

Max body lenght(mm)        4,850/5,575

Turning circle(m)                 13.8/15.2