Ireland Ranks Bottom of EU Countries for EV Sales

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Ireland has ranked bottom in a list of EU countries for Electric Vehicle Sales in 2013. With just 58  new EV sales in 2013 this represents just 0.07% of total new car sales despite having one of the most widely dispersed charging networks in Europe.

This number trails miserably behind the Netherlands who came in at number 1 with 23,149 Plug-in Hybrid Electric sales. Ireland has set a goal to achieve 10% of all new car sales to come from EV’s by 2020. At this rate Ireland has a long way to go if it’s to achieve anywhere near its set target and needs to consider creating greater awareness on the advantages of EV transport.Toyota Prius

As we know, driving an Electric Vehicle is not suitable for every driving habit just yet, however there are a alot of advantages for drivers who have predictable driving and can access the charging network easily. As advances in the technology become more available, EV’s will begin to appeal to the wider motorist.


Top 5 countries for EV sales 2013

1 Netherlands


3 Norway

4 UK

5 Germany


Bottom 5 Countries for EV sales

13 Portugal

14 Estonia

15 finland

16 Iceland

17 Ireland