Mercedes E300 Blue TEC Hybrid

E300 Blue TECH HybridMercedes has introduced six Hybrid options to it’s E class range, the new E300 Blue TEC Hybrid. Capable of combining performance and effeciency, the new Blue TEC Hybrid accelerates from 0-60mph in just 7.5-seconds. The Hybrid can achieve a maximum speed of 150mph and return a respectable 67mpg all whilst emitting as little as 109 g/km of CO2 and producing 204BHP/150kw

Standard equipment includes Stop Start technology, Hill start assist, auto range headlights and collision prevention assist amongst a host of other optional extras available. Mercedes engineers aimed to strike a balance between delivering everyday economy and performance, while maintaining the level of comfort and standard expected in every Mercedes Benz. This is made possible through linking the effecient 2143cc  four-cylinder diesel engine- and an electric motor which is mounted within the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission.

The gearbox substitutes a torque converter for a wet clutch system, therefore allowing the engine to be disengaged entirely via the clutch. This allows electric-only drive to be maintained for short periods, mercedes call this economy boost. The system is all combined in a way which has no limitations on the load capacity of the E300.

The E300 Blue TEC Hybrid falls into Tax band A3 and has an annual road tax of €190.00

Available in six different options,

Standard Hybrid – €53,020

Hybrid Elegance – €55,695

Hybrid Avantgarde – €56,165

Hybrid Sport – €56,830

Hybrid Elegance Sport – €59,005

Hybrid Sport Avantgarde – €59,310


Now available through Mercedes Dealers.