Opel Ampera


The Opel Ampera is an electric car with a range extender (petrol engine) which charges the batteries when they get low.

Opel’s Voltec system gives the Ampera up to 50 miles of battery powered driving and the extended range technology can give up to an extra 310 miles between charges.The main components of the voltec electric system are a T shaped battery pack, a 111kw electric drive unit and an internal combustion powered electric generator.

The Ampera is different from hybrids or plug in hybrid vehicles in that the wheels are propelled at all times by an electric drive unit. The Ampera does not need to use fuel while driving within the 50 mile battery range.

It has a top speed of 100mph.

The lithium-ion battery can be charged in under 4hrs from a standard connection(230v). For a long journey, there is no need to worry about range. The 1.4ltr combustion engine will let you drive for up to 310miles.

As the engine powers the battery, the wheels are driven by the electric motor at all times.

Not yet available in Ireland