Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Porsche PanameraPorsche announced it will be building a hybrid drive version of the new Panamera. This four-door Gran Turismo will share the proven components already previewed in the Cayenne Hybrid prototype, which will enter the market at the end of the decade. In the Cayenne, this newly-developed full parallel hybrid drive system will offer average fuel economy of over 31mpg.

The Porsche Panamera will be the first four-door sports model to feature particularly fuel-efficient full parallel hybrid technology. At the same time, the Panamera will also benefit from the experience gained by the development of the Porsche Cayenne with hybrid drive.

The full parallel hybrid system will consist primarily of the battery unit positioned in the luggage compartment, the power electronics, and the hybrid module between the engine and transmission comprising an additional clutch and the electric motor. Depending on driving conditions, the hybrid module is able to disengage either the combustion engine or the electric motor, or to combine both drive systems as one joint power unit. Thus the Panamera may be driven in a number of different modes ranging from all-electric drive absolutely free of emissions all the way to the sporting style of motoring so typical of a Porsche.

The Panamera will be the fourth Porsche model series, and other striking features of the car will include a wide and low body offering dynamic proportions and muscular design to convey an outstandingly sporting yet compact overall look.

The interior space of the Panamera offers a brand-new experience of roominess. The two sporting and comfortable single seats in the rear will allow adults to relax with surprisingly generous headroom in full comfort and, should they wish, with all the performance and speed of a genuine Gran Turismo.

The new Panamera Gran Turismo made its world debut in 2009 and was introduced initially with proven drive concepts. The hybrid version will follow depending on market requirements.