Renault Kangoo ZE

Renault Kangoo

The zero emission, 100% electric Renault Kangoo offers all the benefits of the Diesel engine model minus the fuel expense. Also available in the larger Maxi model, the Kangoo has a 44kw electric motor powered by a Lithium-ion battery pack giving a combined range of 170km and a top speed of 130kmph.

The carrying capacity is 3-3.5msq payload capacity of 650kg. The ZE comes with the facility of pre-heating or cooling the cabin and has a ZE computer informing the driver of the battery status and driving range available.

Features include- ABS, front and rear disc brakes, drivers airbag, 15” wheels, electric windows and radio with bluetooth and mp3/cd outlet.


Through a standard 220v connection, charge time is 6-8 hours, charge time is significantly cut when charged through a Fast charge point.

Now available through Renault, click on Dealer link to show a list of dealers

Recommended Retail Price

Kangoo 2 seater =€16,400 ex vat

Kangoo 2 seater Maxi= €17,600ex vat

(includes government grant of €3,800)

Maxi 5 seater Price

Manufacturer’s price:

€18,200 ex. VAT

(Including €3,800 Government grant). Accelerated capital allowance (100% Tax write-down for Electric vehicles in Year 1)

Battery lease through RCI Financial Services required

€75/month (ex VAT, 4 years, 15,000km/year)

The battery rental provides peace of mind for a fixed monthly charge. Terms and conditions including excess mileage charges will apply, prices subject to change.


Prices subject to change