Toyota Prius

Toyota PriusToyota launched their first Hybrid Prius in Japan in 1997 and have been pioneering Hybrid technology since. The Prius is sold in 70 counties worldwide with over 3 million sales to date. Now with its third generation Prius launched, Toyota have perfected the efficiency, comfort and styling familiar with previous models.

The official UK fuel efficiency for the Prius III is 72.4 mpg Urban. The 1.8L petrol engine generates 98hp(73kw) and with the added power of the electric motor, brings this up to 134hp(100kw). Top speed is 106mph/170kmh. With the use of an electric water pump the Prius engine is the first consumer automotive engine that requires no accessory belts thus improving on its fuel efficiency. The Prius has a 1.4kwh battery


Model- Toyota Prius III Hybrid

Motor- 27kw

Battery- 1.4kw Nickel metal Hydride

Range- combined 547 miles

Top speed- 106mph/170kph

Toyota Plugin Prius

Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The Prius plug-in hybrid is based on the Hybrid Prius and due for release in mid 2012. It incorporates a 4.4kw Lithium-ion battery enabling all-electric driving at higher speeds and longer distances than the conventional Prius.

The Plug-in Prius has an all electric range of 14.3miles(23km) and has a expected total range of 475miles(764km) all electric top speed is 62mph (100km/h). The lithium-ion battery pack can be charged in 180min at 120v or 90min at 220v. According to Toyota the Prius will be rated at 112mpg.


Model- Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Motor – 27kw

Battery – 4.4kwh Lithium-ion

Range – 23km(all electric) 764km(combined)

Top speed – 62mph100km(electric only)

Charge time – 90min @ 220v

0-60mph – 12sec