Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the world’s first Diesel plug-in Hybrid. This is a car which is capable of changing how the public views Hybrid technology. Charged via a standard charge socket, the V60 plug-in hybrid offers CO2 emissions of just 49g/km with corresponding average fuel economy of 1.9L/100km or 149mpg. Volvo  launched the  V60 plug-in Hybrid at Frankfurt in September 2011 and proved to the world that Hybrid technology can deliver results.   volvo v60 hybrid

The V60 plug-in Hybrid allows the driver select 3 driving modes.

Pure mode runs the car purely on its electric motor as much as possible, giving a driving range of 50km.

Default Hybrid works the diesel engine and electric motor in tandem to balance the needs of different driving styles.

Power mode, the Hybrid technology is optimised to give the best possible performance,  giving a total power output of 285hp and a maximum torque of 640Nm

Volvo began taking orders for the V60 Plug-in Hybrid in late 2011 and due to unprecedented demand, had to close the order books for 2012. Volvo have since increased production and expect the first cars to be delivered in late 2013/2014.

No release date for Ireland .


Type- V60 Hybrid Touring Estate

Engine- 215hp 2.4-litre 5 cylinder Diesel

Electric motor- 70hp

C02- 49g/Km

Fuel economy- 1.9L /100km or 149mpg

Hybrid range- 1200km

Price – To be announced