VW Plug-In-Hybrid Golf

Golf mk 7 hybrid

Volkswagen have revealed its new MK7 Golf GTE plug-in hybrid at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show. This will mark a significant milestone for the European auto market, as VW’s most popular model will now be available with a range of powertrains (petrol, diesel, CNG, PHEV and fully electric).

The Golf GTE has a 1.4-liter, 148 hp turbocharged and direct-injection TSI engine; a 101 hp electric motor, integrated into the transmission housing; an 8.8 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery; and a six-speed DSG automatic transmission, developed specifically for hybrid vehicles.


The Plug-in-Hybrid Golf will have an electro-mechanical brake servo and an electric air-conditioning compressor which are designed to ensure optimal and energy-efficient operation of the brakes and AC.

The combined power comes in at 201 hp, and maximum torque is 258 lb-ft. In electric mode, top speed is 81 mph. In hybrid mode, top speed is 135 mph  and 0-62 mph takes 7.6 seconds.  According to VW, combined fuel economy will be 157 mpg, with an all-electric range of 31 miles.Golf mk 7

VW has adopted a pick-your-powertrain policy (similar to Ford with their Focus/Fusion) which is  enabled by the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform. This allows the new Golf to accept all drive types and Golf models with different powertrains can be manufactured “from bumper to bumper” at Volkswagen factories.Golf mk 7 interior


Source – VW, Autoblog