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Car-logosWelcome to EV Compare, Ireland’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Website.

Our aim is to keep you informed on the future of Electric Vehicle transport in Ireland. We bring you the latest on Electric and Hybrid Cars and Commercial Vehicles available and coming soon on the Irish market.

The Government had previously set an ambitious target of ensuring that 10% of all passenger vehicles (equivalent to 230,000 vehicles) are electric by 2020. Whilst this target is unrealistic, Ireland is keen to become an early adopter of this technology and in order to achieve this target, the Government is offering a grant of up to €5,000 together with VRT relief up to €5,000 for purchasers of Battery Electric Vehicles or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Grants and tax incentives are also available for Hybrid Vehicles, for further information on this go to our page- www.evcompare.ie/category/tax-grants

In addition, the ESB have instaled over 1,200 charge points nationaly and will be providing free charge points in the homes of each of the first 2,000 vehicles purchased.

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