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Fiat 500 EV

EV 500 Fiat have given NICE Car Company- a British company and EV Adapt- a Swedish company permission to buy their Fiat 500 and remove the combustion engine to replace it for an electric motor, reselling it as an EV. With the Swedish company, buyers have the option of buying one without a battery at […]

Buying an Electric Vehicle in Ireland

  A wide range of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are now being released from mainstream vehicle manufacturers to the European market and are slowly becoming available in Ireland. This is due to the availability of high performance lithium batteries and the increasing pressure from European regulators to supply the market with more efficient and cleaner vehicles. Advantages The running […]

Citroen C-Zero

The Citroen C-Zero all electric is a conventional looking city car available in 4 doors and driven by an    electric motor that generates 49kw (or 67hp). It is powered by a 16kw/h lithium-ion battery, that generates enough electricity to power the motor and all the internal power supplies. When charging is required a regular 220v […]