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VW Bench Test Technology That Could Quadruple Battery Range

Volkswagen is bench testing a new battery chemistry that it says could store up to 80 kWh of energy in a similar volume to that of the current eGolf’s 26.5 kWh battery pack, according to VW board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser. Speaking at the Geneva Auto Salon, Neusser said that the company has tested lithium-ion […]

ESB receive 20,000 applications for EV trial

A NATIONWIDE effort to recruit 24 electric car drivers has received a staggering 20,000 applications from people desperate to get a flavour of silent, battery-powered motoring. The ESB says that its offer to give 24 Irish people the opportunity to use its smart recharging system with the aid of an electric vehicle has garnered twice the number […]

VW Plans to Electrify up to 40 Models

The Volkswagen Group plans to electrify more than 40 models over the next few years. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, VW Chairman Dr. Martin Winterkorn said that Europe’s largest automaker has increased its R&D expenditure to the record value of €10.2 billion, with the lion’s share going to “green” technologies. VW’s modular platform makes it […]

Ireland Ranks Bottom of EU Countries for EV Sales

Ireland has ranked bottom in a list of EU countries for Electric Vehicle Sales in 2013. With just 58  new EV sales in 2013 this represents just 0.07% of total new car sales despite having one of the most widely dispersed charging networks in Europe. This number trails miserably behind the Netherlands who came in at number 1 with 23,149 Plug-in Hybrid […]