Archives for October 2013

Mercedes E300 Blue TEC Hybrid

Mercedes has introduced six Hybrid options to it’s E class range, the new E300 Blue TEC Hybrid. Capable of combining performance and effeciency, the new Blue TEC Hybrid accelerates from 0-60mph in just 7.5-seconds. The Hybrid can achieve a maximum speed of 150mph and return a respectable 67mpg all whilst emitting as little as 109 g/km of […]

Volvo research Wireless charging

Volvo have recently conducted testing on Inductive Charging for Electric Vehicles. The process involves the charging of electric vehicles through contactless induction charging. Already this technology is seen in toothbrushs and mobile phones and offers consumers the convenience of charging a device without the use of cables and wires. According to Volvo, induction charging offers enormous potential […]

Lexus IS300 Hybrid

Lexus have launched their 3rd generation hybrid synergy drive in the form of the new IS 300 Hybrid. Available in 5 options, lexus have added 75mm to the overall length of the IS saloon and taken the usual painstaking approach to redesigning it from top to bottom, Lexus has developed an all-new hybrid powertrain for the […]

Budget 2014 has no change in VRT relief for EV’s and Hybrids

Budget 2015 which was announced on the 14th October 2014 and has seen no change to the VRT and tax reliefs available for EV and Hybrids which were due to expire in December 2014. At present, VRT is calculated by CO2 emissions, a vehicle that has CO2 emissions of 120g/km  or less fall into category A and pay the lowest […]

Comparing the running cost of an EV to a Petrol and Diesel

  In many ways owning and driving an Electric Vehicle (EV) is a very different experience from a petrol or diesel vehicle and yet no different in other ways. Manufacturers are now releasing electric versions of their best selling models and selling them alongside their petrol and diesel versions. Best selling models such as the Golf, Focus are now […]