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Welcome to EV Compare

Thinking of Going Electric?.. Welcome to EV Compare, Ireland’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Website. Our aim is to keep you informed on the future of Electric Vehicle transport in Ireland. We bring you the latest on Electric and Hybrid Cars and Commercial Vehicles available and coming soon on the Irish market. The Government had previously set an ambitious target […]

Electric Vehicle sales in Ireland

Why are Electric Vehicles not selling in Ireland? The current economic climate in Ireland and indeed across the world, has poured cold water on new car sales in Ireland in the last few years. A lack of available finance from our banks, Job insecurity and a tightening of household finances are just some of the […]


  BMW Active Hybrid Technology   BMW has an Active Hybrid  X6 and the 7 series. These models are suitable for every day use and deliver outstanding performance in every situation, with the ability to be powered by electric motor alone. For example, the electric motor supports the BMW Twin power turbo v8 petrol engine […]