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Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the world’s first Diesel plug-in Hybrid. This is a car which is capable of changing how the public views Hybrid technology. Charged via a standard charge socket, the V60 plug-in hybrid offers CO2 emissions of just 49g/km with corresponding average fuel economy of 1.9L/100km or 149mpg. Volvo  launched the  V60 plug-in […]

Toyota Prius

Toyota launched their first Hybrid Prius in Japan in 1997 and have been pioneering Hybrid technology since. The Prius is sold in 70 counties worldwide with over 3 million sales to date. Now with its third generation Prius launched, Toyota have perfected the efficiency, comfort and styling familiar with previous models. The official UK fuel […]

Toyota Auris Hybrid

The British-built Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive is the replacement for the corolla. Powered by a 1.8-litre 16 valve VVT petrol engine delivering 98bhp on its own. Toyota claims that with the electric power-train, you can achieve 138bhp. Drive is channelled through a CVT transmission to the front wheels. Drivers can select between EV, […]

Peugeot ion

The iOn is a Mitsubishi imev and Citroen CZero with a Peugeot badge. The car manufacturers have a licence agreement to manufacturer the same model under their own badge. Each manufacturer may differentiate on the interior spec and trim but generally speaking, the cars have the same mechanics. The Ion has a potential range of 93 miles and can […]

Renault Twizy Electric

  The perfect vehicle for anyone aged 17 and over Twizy 75 Urban is classified as a heavy quadricycle, and can be driven at speeds of up to 80kmph. Vehicle type: Two-seater Overall length: 2,337 mm Width: 1,191 mm Height: 1,461 mm Maximum motor output: 13 kW Torque : 57 Nm Top speed: 80 kmph Range […]