VW Bench Test Technology That Could Quadruple Battery Range

Volkswagen is bench testing a new battery chemistry that it says could store up to 80 kWh of energy in a similar volume to that of the current eGolf’s 26.5 kWh battery pack, according to VW board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser.EV chasis

Speaking at the Geneva Auto Salon, Neusser said that the company has tested lithium-ion batteries with its existing cell supplier, Sanyo, with capacities up to 37 kWh, but “an 80 kWh unit is under development using our own technology. It would provide between three and four times the battery power in a given package.”

Neusser would not be more specific about the new miracle chemistry, but didn’t deny that it is based on lithium-air technology.

Neusser discussed the possibility of offering EVs with different ranges for different needs, saying that most customers who buy an EV as a second car would be happy with about 200 km (124 miles), but a car intended to serve as a family’s main transport would have to provide a much greater range.

Golf mk 7 hybridNeusser also discussed VW’s fuel cell research, saying that he sees the fuel cell as simply another sort of battery electric car and welcomes the rivalry between battery electric and fuel cell research because “competition between the two will give us the maximum performance.”

Source – Charged EV’S