Changes for Next Generation Prius

The all-new Prius, to be released in 2015, will come with a range of improvements in both design and technology, building on its reputation as one of the bestToyota Prius selling Hybrids in the world. With the current Prius Liftback rated at 50 mpg combined, the next generation Prius is expected to have a range of 55 mpg, that’s an improvement of 10%.

The new fourth-generation Prius will use an updated version of the company’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. It will feature a more efficient engine, more powerful electric motor-generators, and “advanced battery technology” with higher energy density (almost surely lithium-ion cells).


The news was released by Toyota’s chief engineer , he stressed the challenge of continuously improving efficiency as consumption falls to extremely low levels, and declined to specify a specific numeric target for the next Prius.

The new Prius is expected to get a face lift both inside and out. The classic wedge shape is expected to be repalced with a more stream line look. Inside, the car will have more room and make better use of the dash and seating layout. As the batteries are expected to be lithium-ion this will give it a much better range on electric mode.


prius interiorIt will be built on a shared component set called Toyota New Global Architecture, or NGA, with a lower center of gravity and a more rigid structure and it will introduce unspecified “advanced safety technologies.”

Toyota have listened to increasing demands from Prius owners to increase the electric range and is believed to have achieved this through effeciency measures and improvements in automation and battery technology. Toyota has also developed a new wireless inductive charging system that eliminates the need for a charging cable. This is expected to be available on the new Prius  and other models in the future.

The company has built more than 3 million Prius models, and more than 5 million Toyota and Lexus hybrids accross ts range, since the first Prius was launched on the Japanese market in 1997.


Today’s Prius lineup comprises the classic Prius Liftback, the Prius V wagon, the Prius C subcompact, and the Prius Plug-In Hybrid.