Rise in 132 New Car Sales

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More than 11,500 new cars were sold in July following the introduction of the new 132 number plate system. The Directror General of the SIMI Alan Nolan is quoted as saying”sales of new cars on the 132 plate have exceded the industry’s expectations.”

The new split year number plate was introduced to try and space out sales of new cars throughout the year and help the dealers increase activity in the second half of the year, this was always a quiet time within the industry. The new number plate system, which will remain in place each year has also been recognised by the commercial sector with both Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles showing an increase in sales this month.

The stronger sales figures were helped by Dealers encouraging consumers to buy through a range of warrenty, trade in deals and Finance offers. Alot of these offers have been extended  until the end of August. Toyota Yaris hybrid

While no figures are available yet for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle sales, it is expected that these figures would be stronger than the last few years, as the industry has released a number of new Hybrid and Electric models to the market, coupled with the increase in nationwide charge points around the country.

While the sales figures for  July shows an increase of  7,216 (163%) over this time last year, these figures cannot be taken in isolation alone and need to be looked at on a 12 month basis. We will not be exactly sure weather the split year system has managed to overall increase the sales of new vehicles in total this year, but it has managed to spread sales activity for Dealerships accross the country.

This can only be a good thing for the industry as it gives the sector a steadier cashflow over a 12 month period and allows for a better range of deals to be offered not only for new cars but on trade in Vehicles.