Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers who wanted to prove that pure electric vehicles could be stylish and match up to the performance of conventional supercars. The Tesla Roadster was launched in 2008 and is based on a Lotus Elise body. A deal was struck up with Lotus to supply the car body parts for 2,500 cars. Two years later, over 1,650 Roadsters were sold in 31 countries.

The Roadster has a 288hp(215kw) Ac induction motor with a single speed gear box, offering 295lbs-ft of torque with a driving range of 245 miles per charge.

Acceleration from 0-60mph is achieved in an outstanding 3.7seconds, with a top speed of 125miles per hour. The electric motor is powered by a microprocessor-controlled Lithium-ion battery made up of 6,831 individual cells. Charging is performed using the Tesla High Power Wall Connector at 240volts and 70amps, full charge can be achieved from empty in 3.5hours.

Tesla have announced that they have stopped production of the Roadster and will release a new Crossover 4×4 model x  in late 2014..


Tesla Roadster motor- All electric 288hp(215kw), Range- 245miles, Acceleration- 0-60 3.7seconds, Top speed – 125mph, Battery- Lithium-ion, Charge time- 3.5hrs

Tesla Model S

Tesla recently launched their 4 door saloon model S. This family Saloon is following in the footsteps of the well respected Tesla Roadster, offering unrivalled performance from zero emissions. Powered by an electric motor and drivetrain offering 415Nm of torque which can produce a top speed of 130mph and 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.

The Model S comes with 3 Battery options depending on driving requirements. The 160mile range is standard with customers having the option of increasing the range to 230miles or 300 miles for an additional cost. Charging is via a standard 240v connection and can charge at a rate of 62miles per hour.


Tesla is expected to announce European pricing options before the end of the year.Tesla Model S Interior


Tesla Model S Motor- All electric 288hp(215kw), Range- 160miles- 300miles depending on Battery pack, Acceleration- 0-60 5.6seconds, Top speed- 130mph, Battery- Lithium-ion, Charge time- 62miles per hr (Depending on Battery pack)